Author: Number Crunchers® |

I can’t say enough good things about Randall Orser and Number Crunchers. Years ago I was complaining to my good friend Susan Thomas over at Minuteman Press that I was disorganized and way behind on tax filings and deadlines. She suggested I call Randall and ask for help … best decision I ever made.As an artist, my idea of a filing cabinet is a large brown box full of loose receipts, invoices and spiders. Somehow every year Randall reminds me that deadlines are due, organizes my paperwork, files my taxes and makes sure that Canada Revenue Agency doesn’t come looking for me.Randall is efficient, knowledgeable and always, always ahead of the curve. He knows what I need to do and when I need to have it done.I leave the “paperwork nightmare” to him so I can concentrate on the business of creating great portraits.
Photography by Marlow